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Fusing blockchain, web3, AI, and decentralized storage to redefine the global carbon credit market.

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Our Technology Pillars

A seamless integration of leading technologies driving a greener, efficient, and decentralized future.

Unleashing the power of advanced technology, NZTwork lays the foundation for a more sustainable and efficient world. Here are the technological pillars underpinning our revolutionary platform:

DPoS Layer 1+2 Blockchain Protocol

This robust consensus algorithm powers NZTwork, ensuring efficient, secure, and rapid transactions, all while keeping energy consumption impressively low.

Web3 Application

By leveraging Web3, we are creating a decentralized Internet where users control their data. Our platform combines public and private blockchain networks for a secure, distributed, and user-friendly experience.

AI Prrocessing Network

Artificial intelligence plays a key role at NZTwork. From optimizing operations to enhancing user experience, our AI-driven system is truly revolutionizing the way we manage data and interact with our users.

Decentralized Storage

NZTwork is built on a network of user-operated, low-energy servers. Our decentralized storage solution ensures optimal performance, high scalability, and robust security, providing an efficient alternative to traditional cloud storage systems.

IO3D Metacloud Node: Revolutionizing Decentralization

IO3D Metacloud Node: Revolutionizing Decentralization

The future of decentralization is shaped by the trailblazing technology embedded within the IO3D Metacloud Node. The Metacloud Node paves the way for a highly scalable, decentralized data center, bolstering the NZTwork platform by providing the infrastructure needed to generate Carbon Credit Tokens ($CCTs).

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How it works

Each Metacloud Node joins a Virtual Private Network (VPN), creating a robust, decentralized data center

NZTwork platform hosts earn $NZT rewards for supplying the necessary infrastructure to generate $CCT.

Users who produce solar energy or energy efficiency savings are rewarded with valuable Carbon Credit NFTs

Key features of the Dcarbon eDataMiner

Revolutionizing Energy Measurement for Sustainability with the DCarbon eDataMiner

The DCarbon eDataMiner is a commercial-grade, 3-phase electric power meter engineered for precision and performance. With 0.5% accuracy, it ensures revenue-quality energy metering, tracking consumption and production in real-time.

Key features of the Dcarbon eDataMiner

An Asset for Every Infrastructure

Adaptable to any electrical panel, EV charger, or solar panel inverter, the DCarbon eDataMiner captures detailed energy data. Every second, it reads multiple electrical parameters, batch-processing them for transmission to the server network every five minutes.

A Seamless Blend of Technology & Simplicity

In a compact and unobtrusive design, this plug-and-play device assures effortless installation, with an optional remote antenna for encased scenarios requiring external network connections.

Data Integrity, Standardization & Security

The eDataMiner prioritizes data integrity. Each reading is audited, timestamped, and associated immutably with the device, eliminating the risk of erroneous entries. It adheres to the globally recognized Project Haystack standards for data cleaning, analytics, and standardization. Only data from validated devices registered to the network is accepted, ensuring the elimination of data duplication.

Omnipresent Connectivity & Cutting-edge Applications

Featuring a global cellular modem with eSIM, the eDataMiner guarantees secure, widespread networking independent of client networks. It enables advanced, near-real-time energy control applications, offering high-integrity energy attributes and a range of energy-related functionalities.

Affordable & Efficient Installation

With a retail cost of $250.00, the DCarbon eDataMiner offers a highly cost-effective solution for superior energy data management, requiring a mere 5-30 minutes for installation, depending on site-specific conditions.

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